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Toby's Prince
DOB: 10/ 01/ 2004,
RMHA # 2009042106
Sire: Johnson's Toby ,
Dam: Johnson's Ranunculo
Looking for a excellent breeding stallion with old blood lines . Price is one of the last direct son's of Johnson Toby. Standing 15 hands with old time build and color to boot . He will Hand breed and pasture breed.

GHS's Kid Rock

DOB: 04/04/2006
RMHA # 2008041238 KMSH #

Sire: Magnum
Dam: Johnson’s Miss Alondra
Color: Black (red gene negative)

LHF Tobias

DOB: 6/24/2004
RMHA #2004012405 KMSH #

Sire: Magnum
Dam: LHF Mollie
Color: Red Chocolate with Flax Mane & Tail

Rocker’s Twelve Five

DOB: 3/24/2005
RMHA #2007015307
Sire: Becknell’s Red River Rock
Dam: Dock’s Dixie Belle
Color: Chocolate with Silver Mane & Tail

Red River Ishi

DOB: 10/10/2007
RMHA #2011043899
Sire: Magnum
Dam: Johnson’s Miss Alondra
Color: Chocolate with a Flax Mane & Tail

GHS’s Nine Eleven

DOB: 4/18/2008
RMHA #2008041976 KMSH #201210016

Sire: Pence's Blue Boy

Dam: Misty Mollie

Color: Chocolate with Flax Mane & Tail

GHS'S Taking Reservations 


   15.2 HH    Foaled 4 April 2009
Reg RM# 2009042875
Sire: Pence's Blue Boy
Dam: Sebastian's Sunshine
Homozygous Silver Dapple , No Red Gene
Tested ZZ EE

He is being offered for sale  also . 


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